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N seems to find herself in many different places. Her last five years went something like this: America, England, America, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, England, America, the longer stints including a year in Brighton, England at the University of Sussex, six months in Prague earning her TEFL certificate and teaching English, and several months spent volunteering on farms through Help Exchange. If you read back, you'll be in these places, too.

N has now happily made her home base Berlin, Germany and has fallen in love with this city. Basically, she's staying here until they kick her out.

Work-wise, N wears many hats. She works mostly in the Higher Education field, dappling in the Study Abroad industry. N is of course always open to whatever freelance work comes her way and would love to speak with you about your project.

You'll find pictures here, rants, stories, the occasional poetic work of genius and a lot of existential 20-something crisis drivel.

Questions, comments, love letters, invitations to stay rent-free on your beach front property, presents, job offers and/or anything else can be sent to nabramow [at] gmail [dot] com. But really, if you have a question about a specific location you've seen written about here, would like to know how the visa process works somewhere I've been or just need some help brainstorming your next escape, please send away!

Topic suggestions for future posts are always encouraged and appreciated! What would you like to know?

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