Posts By Country


- Adventures in New York City
- Northampton, Massachusetts: Welcome to Lesbianville
- Manhattan Without Lights: Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in Lower Manhatten
- Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC


- Schluchtenscheisseren (Vienna)


- Montreal in Winter (brrrrrr!)

Czech Republic


- "Cause once upon a time the line followed the river..."

Kutna Hora

- Bone(r)s


- To Olomouc we go!


- The British are Coming: Part II (Re: we're still tourists sometimes)
- "Fate is not just whose cooking smells good, but which way the wind blows..."
- The Gay: I Can Haz It
- London Calling
- The Only All the Gay[s] in the Village Church.
- My Second Thanksgiving as an Expat (2009)
- Pivo a knížky (Beer and books)
- Plzeňský Prazdroj ("the Fountainhead of Pilsner"): Home of Pilsner Urquell
- Quality Week in Praha
- Second Day in Prague
- Šťastný Nový Rok (Happy New Year)!
- Stomping Ground 


- Lautrec, Part I: How I Came to Live in A Chateau
- Lautrec: Part II: Welcome to the Country
- Je suis allé à Paris pour une journée
- Couchsurfing in Toulouse


- Bonn, Köln and Hannah!
- Hamburg, Germany and the Adventures Within


- Berlin ist arm, aber sexy. (Berlin is poor, but sexy.)
- Berlin, Germany: Part II (February 1st-7th)
- Ich habe es geschafft! (March 2010)
- Berlin (April 2010)

Au-Pairing in Berlin

- Au-Pair Drop-Out (September 2011)
- Living in the German Suburbs (August 2011)
- Oh hai Deutschland (August 2011)
- One Week In (August 2011)
- Vertragulous (August 2011)

Living in Berlin

- Visa Success! (September 2011)
- Back in Berlin for good! (November 2011
- Stomping Grounds: I Haz Them (December 2011)
- Teufelsberg - The Devil's Mountain (March 2012)
- Glow in the Dark, Glitter,  Mexican Food. Oh, and some updates. (May 2012)
- Fahrradsternfahrt Or That Time We Biked on the Autobahn (June 2012)
- Transgenialer Christopher Street Day: Alternative Pride in Berlin (June 2012)
- Abandoned Eisfabrik (Ice Factory) (September 2012)
- Berlin Festival of Lights (November 2012)
- Berlin By Boat  (November 2012)

HelpX in Kleinenhain:

- A brief welcome to Bremen and a first taste of the Farming Life (Kleinenhain)
- First HelpX experience in photo form! (Kleinenhain)
- Hay, sheep and yarn...oh my! (Kleinenhain)
- Irish folk music jam session in a former train station in Germany! (Osterholz-Scharmbeck)
- January 19th-22nd in Kleinenhain, during which I eat a lot. (Kleinenhain)
- Kleinenhain: January 14th-16th


- First Week In Rostock and Couchsurfing in Hamburg (October 2011)
Teaching in Rostock Updates! (October 2011)

Ireland, Republic of

- Níl Gaeilge agan & lots of craic! (Dublin)



- Krakow, Poland, Part I: Sleeper train, Auschwitz and the Wieliczka Salt Mine
- Krakow, Poland, Part II: Pierogies, Wawel Castle, the Dragon and Friends!


- Poland For Lunch: A Day Trip to Szczecin (Stettin)


- I'm (not) from Barcelona, get it?
- Bienvenido a Bilbao!

United Kingdom


- Brighton, England
- Chester & Liverpool: Part I (England)
- Chester & Liverpool: Part II (England)
- Christmas in the You Kay (2010)
- HelpX on Barnacre Farm (Wirrel, England)

Travel-inspired Writing

- Ertia
- From across the room (New City Syndrome)
- I Cheated On You, Smith College: SIG Bryn Mawr 2010
- Mythological Creatures in Germany
- The word I'm looking for is palimpsest.

Teaching English

- The end is in sight? Well, sorta.
- Lesson planning machine! Stress! Jobs! Flats!
- My second graduation in 4 months!
"Shit, I've got a gallery in New York"
- Thank goodness "get off" wasn't one of them...
- What the TEFL?!