Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First HelpX experience in photo form!

The bakehouse and pastures at sunrise.

This is the bird feeder we often watching from the dining room. One morning a pheasant that had been wandering around figured out how to hop up there! Their cat, Tinker, used to watch the birds from his clear cat door. We said he was watching the bird program on TV.

I called this the food museum. Where all the jams, chutneys and wines they made are kept in a cool room!

Where the fruit and veggies from the summer are kept in the freezers and Angelika rummaging for the veggies for our lunch!

My favorite sheep eating hay!

Favorite sheep on the right and the second-friendliest sheep on the left! I like the little patch of white fur on the brown one's head, it's like a little hair-do.

My bedroom in my flat.

My kitchen (that I never used)!

Living area of my flat.

A spinning wheel, with part of the library in the shelves behind it.

The kitchen in the back and more of the living area in front. The ladder leads up to a loft, which for some reason I never ventured into.

The greenhouse (and Angelika).

The brussel sprouts are still green in the garden, albeit frozen. Almost every morning I'd pick some of these greens for the chickens.

Angelika and Axel's house. Notice the thatched roof, pretty neat!

Angelika and Axel in front of the house on my last day before Angelika drove me to Bremerhaven to catch a train to Bonn. Bye Kleinenhain, it was a good trip!

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  1. Your blog entries are so amazingly interesting and exciting. Given the time I would love to go meet Axel and Angelika.
    I am jealous of your adventures!