Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bonn, Köln and Hannah!

On January 28th, Angelika drove me to Bremerhaven where I caught my first train to Bremen and then eventually went on to Bonn to see Hannah! It was strange and sad leaving the farm at first, but I eventually re-adjusted to civilization.

On Friday, we met up with Hannah's friend Catherine for her birthday with her friends and her Mom and then met up with her Dad later. We ended up at this random bar, where this creepy drunk guy you can see in the pictures tried to undress me. He spoke in rapid German about how happy he was that foreigners were mixing with the locals and bought all 8 of us our round of drinks even though we told him we were leaving right after. Oh, drunk people.

Hannah! We were trying really hard not to make eye contact or speak German near the drunk dude.

After, we walked over to Pawlow's (pronounced Pavlov's) which was much less sketchy and had an octopus coming out of the wall!

Some of our group.

The next day we went to Köln (Cologne) and saw the cathedral, it looks almost exactly like the one in Prague. One cool thing about traveling in Bonn and Köln is that if a friend has a transportation pass they can take guests for free with them on public transportation and regional trains after 7pm on weekdays and all weekend. Amazing! I didn't have to pay for any transportation at all the whole time!

I look tiny in front of that massive building.

A street in Köln, Germany loves American shops. There's Dunkin' Donuts, the Body Shop, Subway, etc. all on this one street.

A church and this statue of some guy. Mostly I only took a picture because somehow he only got snow on one side of him.

We went to a little vegan cafe called Signor Verde and they gave me a free little cup of soy cream because I spole horrible German.

Soy hot chocolate and soy cream. Mmmm! After wandering for awhile and a failed shopping attempt, we had dinner at a place called Habibi falafel, which may have been the 2nd best falafel I've ever had and we got free cinnamon tea! After falafel, we met up with Hannah's friends Claudia and Kristina and went to a lesbian club called Blue Lounge. Saying as we didn't even know the address when we left, I was super impressed that we managed to find it! Also, lesbians look the same everywhere. It's true.

When I got on the train to go home, it told me I couldn't smoke and I couldn't pick my nose. Damn. More importantly, while walking to the train station I face planted right in front of a tram, on my stomach, after tripping over my suitcase. Fail. I'm prett sure everyone on the tram was very much amused, however.

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