Sunday, August 15, 2010

Philadelphia, PA and Washington DC!

This is a bit delayed. My B. After leaving my job at SIG, I decided to go on an adventure to DC to see Katie with my friend Julia and then go play in Philly with my other Kt after that. Yes, I collect Katies. Also, their initials are both KG. Lolz. Myself and Julia's driving adventures actually sucked us into a parallel universe, as you can see here. Tunneeeeeel! Also, I need to make a note that I saw Julia three different times this year, in three different countries (Czech Republic, Ireland and America). I love my life.

In Bethesda, Maryland, which is right near DC as Katie actually lives in Maryland. Dear Smithies, does this look familiar? (Hint: old Pub Safety arch). Next to an awesome gelato place that Katie took us to that had tomatillo flavored gelato. I just got coconut and some type of plum flavor, though.

Yaaaaay gelato! Katie and Julia...reunited!

Please note that the building in the background has a giant shark swimming through it. DC IS CRAZY AND FILLED WITH SHARKS AND REALLY CLEAN METROS WITH CARPET!

DC has something for everyone. For me, vegan noms....for Julia, her own empanada store.

During our trip to the movies to see Inception in DC (for like 5 billion $$$'s), Julia went on a little food buying spree. We found out the next day that some of them also work as erasers. Sort of useful? Not really, but entertaining for about 3 minutes.

ZOMGS transition to Philly! I heard about this bar called Tattooed Mom from my friend Lindsay, so we made the journey to South Street to check it out. This place was awesome, had tater tots, vegan noms, and free dum dum lollipops on every table! And cheap PBR tall boys! And toys! Drunk people love toys! Anyway, people left us lots of messages in the Ladies'. "Fucked pooped and did coke here!". Good to know?

"I survived this bathroom!" Me too, several times. ;-)

Tattooed Moms also had bumper cars! Drunk people also love bumper cars that function as tables. Basically, this place is my drunk self's version of paradise. And I touched Kt's boob.

Kt being a creeper next to this cool building/path/whatever thing. It has all sorts of shit in it including bike wheels, coffee mugs, wine bottles and pretty shiny things! Yay Philly!

More crazy shit cemented into a random building! I love it! I want to live in there.

We found the Gayborhood, but some crazy dude tried to ruin my picture by shoving his hand in front of my camera. Luckily, I captured the rainbow! Whaddabitch.

We went to this awesome awesome awesome huge market place in Philly that had all sorts of fruits, veggies, food stands, wine, candy, etc. And I saw sugar cane for the first time! And ordered a vegan Caesar Salad wrap that took FOREVER to be ready.

Those are my sort of cracked out random adventures! Posts on Northampton and Mystic, CT...eventually. I am in the process of finding a new place to live, writing/editing my Fulbright essays and learning to speak horrible (but hopefully sort of endearing?) German. More on that once I'm actually settled. Well, as settled as I ever get.

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