Saturday, January 22, 2011

Musings on the National Express...

15. Dec. '09

"My heart always does a jump as I get on the National Express bus headed to Brighton. It's this excited nervousness, which, in so many ways is like going home. I love all my friends so much, the familiarity of what I'll eat from Marks & Spensers and what I'll order from Costa."

20. Dec. '09

"Nat'l Express Driver: When you tale a call you need to keep in mind how long you're on the phone because no one else on the coach has anything to do except listen to your conversation and nobody wants to know who did what, who you took home and how long they lasted. Especially because there's children and men on board and they will get jealous...including me."

The fact that England's public transportation inspired two journal entries from me within a week means America is doing it wrong. I should also mention the bus driver gave us all chocolates while wearing a Santa hat.

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