Monday, June 6, 2011


Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about this blog! My life has just been a little boring, and if I had posted, well, it would have been boring. Or whiny. Or whiny AND boring. Ouch.


This will change soon.

Notable updates because no one seems to know where I am ever:

1. No Fulbright
2. Moving away from NoHo in less than two weeks...forever!
3. Only 3 more days of retail slavery.
4. On August 17th I'll be on a plane to Germany! One-way ticket! Sleepytime flight!

This is good for you, oh faithful readers, as it means I will no longer be bored and scanning things across a computerized platform whilst being yelled at for a multitude of things I have no control over and berated over a lack of local produce and lemon juice, but instead will be thrust into the hopefully welcoming arms of Berlin in search of:

a. job
b. flat that is awesome and full of clean
c. to be determined

So maybe then my life will be a little more exciting if not extremely overwhelming and ridiculous.


P.S. The URL to this blog changed, but you probably figured that out if you're reading this!

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