Thursday, October 15, 2009

From across the room

"Why I scanned the crowd looking for a familiar face as I followed the signs to baggage claim, I'm not sure. I needed to quit doing that. You don't know anybody in a new city, but suddenly everybody you set eyes on looks exactly like somebody you know or used to know, or something about his walk or her hair makes you think that person could be somebody you know. Or used to know. I felt muffled in wool, pale, out-of-it among the hordes of pretty people." -- Amanda Boyden (Pretty Little Dirty)

Often one of the first things I hear within a few minutes of speaking to a new person is, "You remind me of my friend X..." Are we grasping for some hint of familiarity or does the human brain just need to categorize people by quirks, hair and swaggar? This happens to me everytime I move somewhere. I don't know anybody, but everyone looks familiar.

New City Syndrome.

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