Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thank goodness "get off" wasn't one of them...

Who knew phrasal verbs could go so awry...

A conversation about one of my lessons today over Skype:

me: I dictated the words "make, get, put, bring, carry, be, take" and "up, off, in, into, on, out, with, off" to him and had him write them down
me: then I told him to make as many phrasal verbs as he could
me: the catch was that every time he suggested one he had to use it in a sentence for me
me: so eventually he said "put out"
me: and I started giggling
me: because I'm clearly 5 years old
friend: hahahaha
friend: Put out the trash, Nicole!
me: so he was like...uhh whaaat?
me: and then I started explaining that "put out" has two meanings
me: one is like "put your shoes outside" and the other means someone who will have sex with you
me: and then I acted out being a bro and leaning over to another bro friend asking, "do you think she puts out?" *snicker snicker*
me: hahahhaa
friend: Man
friend: You are the hippest English teacher ever
me: and explained to him that you never ask someone directly or their close female friends if they put out, you just ask other people who've slept with them
me: and then later we we were done and he asked if there were more slang ones
me: I'm just happy I didn't have to explain "get off"
me: so then I had him do an activity where he had to describe his morning routine to me using at least 5 phrasal verbs
friend: uh oh
me: so he was like "I got up at 7am and made up my bed. I went into the fridge and took out my breakfast, then I left my flat and asked my neighbor if she puts out..."
me: I died
me: It was so funny.
me: I had to try really hard not to giggle the entire lesson.
me: I'm definitely going to teach phrasal verbs all the time now.

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