Thursday, December 10, 2009

The British Are Coming: Part II (Re: we're still tourists sometimes)

This past weekend Hannah decided to come visit me in Prague from Bonn, Germany where she's currently doing her year abroad as a teaching assistant. Sometimes it's awesome living in a hot tourist destination as it means everyone wants to visit me! She got in Friday night and we partook in our usual shenanigans at places like Shakespeare and Red Room, but Saturday was set aside for what I like to call "touristy things". When you actually live in a stated "tourist destination" sometimes you need a good excuse to be a tourist, and that excuse is friends! Our destinations were Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí), Charles Bridge (Karlův most) and my favorite, the peeing statues.

Here is Hannah eating my favorite Czech delicacy, trdelník. It's basically dough with nuts and sugar in it rolled around a metal or wooden bar and turned over a fire until browned, then coated in cinnamon and sugar. So. Good. Here is some trdelník in action:

Another not-just-Czech delicacy is punč, which is supposed to be hot wine with spices, fruit and nuts in it. The punch we had that day was a big over-priced let down though. Best described by someone we overheard while walking by, "this tastes like toothpaste water."

Part of "touristy things" is getting really excited in prime tourist locations. Josh and I did this pretty well, but that other guy in the picture was NOT having it.

I learned a lot that day. Most notably, the facts of life. Josh was well-acquainted with them already, however. This picture sort of sums up both my life and my great love of these statues, if you can't tell by how many pictures of them I post.

We supported lesbians.

And saw these crazy dudes. They're a bunch of men walking up the steps, slowly deteriorating until the last one at the top is just a foot. A quick Google tells me this memorial was unveiled on the 22nd of May 2002 and is the first memorial to victims of the Communist regime. Located at the base of Petrin Hill, these scary statues represent different phases of a human figure’s destruction.

In light of that, this photo of mine might be a little inappropro. They really are quite cool to look at though in addition to being very randomly located, which seems to be the Czech way. Think babies climbing up a TV tower, which I'll have a photo of as soon as I can get a good one.

Saturday night we went to a party to celebrate Sara finally getting her work visa. Believe me, this is something that calls for a celebration. We ate grapes.

And got drunk. From the left: me, Sara, Hannah and Andrea. Ignore the drunk glaze in my eyes, it happens.

After the party, we took an epic walking journey to Bukowski's in Žižkov to continue drinking. By the tree at Jiřího z Poděbrad (JZP), this one's for the Christmas cards...

Hannah and I decided that Slezská sounds a lot like "lesbian".

On Sunday, we met up with Hannah's friend Helena from uni who lives just outside of Brno, the second biggest Czech city. We wandered around Prague some more being tourists, took a trip to Prague cathedral, etc. Here's a picture of the Charles Bridge looking pretty. Another fine weekend in Prague!

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