Wednesday, December 9, 2009

To Olomouc we go!

On November 28th, Jess and I were supposed to go to Český Krumlov, but there was only one bus ticket left between the two of us, so we didn't. Since we'd both stayed up the entire night without sleeping, Jess for her radio show and me for no good reason (except maybe those espressos with rum in them from Ouky Douky) we decided we NEEDED an adventure lest our cracked out sleep-deprived turmoil be for naught. Rick Steves told us to go to Olomouc, about 3 hours away, so at the ripe hour of 8:30am we did just that. Here is our day in photos:

We got on a train. We were excited.

But it was a special train and we were supposed to have made reservations. Oops. So the conductor made us pay more money. Fail.

Jess talked to herself.

When we got there, we were informed there was a MASSIVE PARTY! What luck!

But we decided to indulge our inner academics instead. Or something. And there was a blue balloon!

We drank punč. In essence, this is hot red wine with spices, nuts, dried fruit and fresh fruit. Delicious.

We went to the Christmas Market. We forgot that everything is closed in the Czech Republic on Saturdays outside of Prague. This was the only thing open really, but that's okay because....

We found stuffed boobies.

And this. You can see his pee-pee.

In Olomouc, they have pretty awesome graffiti. Like this. George W. Bush and Audrey Hepburn? Sure.

And this.

And coffee comes out of DOORS!

They don't like fascism.

They also like faggots with their noodles! I mean, why not?

The train ride home was pretty, but we were tired. At least we got on the non-special train this time, though we did have a bit of trouble with the boty policie for putting our shoes on the seats in the compartments. He was hardcore about it.

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