Saturday, January 9, 2010

Šťastný Nový Rok (Happy New Year)!

Reasons New Years was amazing, number one: There was a cute dog at the party.

Two: I went on a wandering adventure to Riegrovy sady (a park) to watch fireworks, lanterns and be really excited. I lost my voice by screaming things such as, "Mám ráda všechno!" "Mám ráda přátelé!" "Mám ráda stromy!" "Mám ráda Nový rok!" all night. To translate, "I like everything!" 'I like friends!" "I like trees!" "I like New Year!" What can I say? My Czech vocabulary is fairly limited and I had consumed a bit of alcohol. More importantly, these things are all pretty wonderful.

We tried to represent what we felt 2009 was like with one face each:

I believe Kt thinks there have been better years.

Ashley's year was apparently slightly sideways and somewhat happy.

Jess was really excited....while sleeping...with pretty red booze. All year.

Excited, confused and somewhat angry? Or getting pummeled up the ass. You choose.

I don't know what this is. But I like it. The ghost of 2009 is trying to drink Jess's booze.

We had fireworks! Well, Ashley did.

They are PUMPED for explosions in the sky. And I'm apparently having an orgasm. Or a seizure. Hope you all wanted to see my O-face. It's going to be a good year.

We said a lot of "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!"'s. Friends! Fireworks! Living in a beautiful European city! Being outside! Everything is wonderful!

There were these really cool lanterns everyone had that I'd never seen before. You light a candle in the bottom of the lantern, let it fill up like a hot air balloon, then let them float up into the sky bein' all pretty! Sometimes they even light trees on fire. That's when it gets really exciting. Poor stromy.

I wish I could take a picture with my eyes for you, because up on the hill you could see fireworks coming from miles and miles away in every direction in the distance. It was beautiful. I felt like all of the Czech Republic was celebrating right there with me. Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Austria, too.

Here's one of the lanterns in action, being lit by some people and held until it's filled up by air.

Ashley, Donal, Jess, me and this dude who photobombed my picture rather fantastically.

I don't remember what we were spelling, but I bet it's mind-blowingly awesome!

Brian and his dog (re: adorable animal above), suited with a glow stick for the occasion.

There was free sangria for ladies at Bukowski's after midnight. We really like free sangria. And Bukowski's. We were all too opilý already to drink more than a pitcher though.

Kt is doing something shifty? That dude with the curly hair in the background was wearing bunny ears and staring at me intensely the entire night.

There was a dance party?! Tancovat!

Josh came later to play with Kt and I and help us fail at drinking free sangria. This is Swordicorn.

I can honestly say my life since graduation has been pretty amazing. If you had told me this is who I'd be a year ago I would've told you it wasn't possible, that I didn't have the balls. My mind is constantly being blown, expectations met and surpassed and I'm loving every second of it. I've never met so many crazy, determined and exciting people and I'm only at the tip of the iceberg of my travels. I can truly say I'm "living the dream" and I am stoked for what's to come!

I hope every one of you that reads this has a happy, fulfilling, and inspiring 2010! Thanks to all of you who played a part in the last one, for it's all of you who've made my life that extra bit fabulous. Just think of all the potential this year holds...

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