Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Níl Gaeilge agan & lots of craic!

On March 25th I hopped a plane from Berlin to Dublin. I had spent my last few days in Berlin getting rid of as much stuff as I could, giving any clothing I didn't need to charity etc. to get my suitcase, which was 25 kilos upon arrival in Berlin to the required 15 kilo limit of Ryanair. I even got a new suitcase (because the wheels fell off the old one the day before I left). Even though I wore everything I could and filled my carry-on to capacity, I only managed to get it down to 19 kilos and had to pay 20 euro PER EXTRA KILO. I pretty much cried at the airport. My flight was only 35 euro. Fuck you Ryanair.

Anyway, I finally made it to Dublin and caught the Aircoach to Julia's flat. She's studying abroad in Dublin for the year so...visits! We made cookies! I think I've made cookies with everyone I've visited so far, but I really like cookies, so whatever. It was weird and exciting to be in an English-speaking country again for the first time since December. I basically gizzed myself when I remembered that hummus exists in regular grocery stores (Tesco) outside of Continental Europe. I think I ate 4 large containers of it in the 5 days I as there. NOM.

We got to walk through this park every day on the way to town from Julia's flat. These ducks were confused and thought this fountain was their pond even though their real pond was some 50 feet away. Really, they just made me really jealous that they got to play in the fountain. I love ducks.

Wandering around an area of Dublin called Temple Bar there were lots of bands playing Irish-inspired music on the streets. This guy played violin from behind his back. It was pretty cool!

This is pretty cute.

We met up with Julia's Irish friends at a pub and I made them teach me Irish. I can say "How much for a lesbian?" and "A pint of Guinness please." Among a lot of other weird shit. So clearly, I am fluent now.

There are a LOT of taxis in Dublin. Look at it, it blows my mind. Apparently they just made some law that makes it a lot easier for people to become taxi drivers, so they basically multiplied like rabbits.

Julia's flatmate Alice and her in the park by the water. Pretty!

St. Patrick's Cathedral on the way to the Dublin Flea Market on Sunday. I managed to barter the price of a cute dress down to 6.50 euro from 10. Win!

I thought this was pretty cool-looking. On the way to the flea market.

Julia bought a nest at the flea market. And then she ATE it!

Reading some crazy hilarious Christian Fundamentalist pamphlet she found on the street. It provided a solid 5 minutes of entertainment. "Someone gave this to you because they care about you." What does it mean if we found it as trash on the sidewalk? The pavement cares about us? Clearly.

Somebody lost their boobs.

I went to Starbucks to "study" with Julia and Alice. Mostly they kinda studied and I did the second chapter of my teach yourself German book. I'm working on it. I took this picture because the contrast between Alice's Philosophy reading and Julia's Calculus is pretty funny. Also, I got free soymilk and internet at Starbucks because I had an American Starbucks Rewards card that someone gave me. It didn't even have any cash on it. Win. They should give you free internet at Starbucks in America for having a Rewards card. Maybe they do by now, we'll see.

At a show store called Schuh Julia tried on these crazy heels with hot green goblin mouths on them. I think they're pretty ballin', though how someone can walk with heels that high baffles me.

Most importantly, we sat in baskets. Metal ones. Yes, what I did in Dublin was mostly eat hummus, walk around, take pictures of weird shit and go on the internet. But that's okay with me. Guinness was too expensive anyway, though I did manage to finish my first pint of it there, so I'd say I had a successful Irish experience? Oh, and in case you were wondering...

striapach = whore
beoir = beer
An féidir lion bean aerach a fháil? = Can I get a lesbian?
Dia dhuit = Hi
Is maith lion cailíní = I like girls.
deathcore = bás croí-lárnach.
Pionta Guinness leo'thoil =Pint of Guinness please!

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