Friday, April 2, 2010

More Berlin!

As you could gather from my last post, I was back in Berlin for two and a half weeks from March 8th to the 25th. While I was getting lost trying to find my way to Alexanderplatz one day (don't ask how I can get lost trying to find a giant landmark that you can basically see from all of Berlin) I found Mongay. Mongay sounds much better than Monday. Lolz. As you can tell, coming into the 3rd month of traveling the quality of my tourist activities is rapidly deteriorating. Oops.

Karaoke with Linus, Esther and some people staying at their hostel! You rent a room with your friends and get to sing basically any song ever from the computer/TV. I, of course, did a large amount of Britney Spears.

Dutch Blitz. They even liked it so much they bought a deck. We were playing with some guys from Italy (I think?). Addictive.

Marlen and I went on an adventure to Spree Park Plänterwald, where there was an abandoned amusement park. I'm sort of obsessed with abandoned things.

Sort of creeeeepy.

And we found DINOSAURS! But they were extinct. Duuuuuh.

A roller-coaster thing.

Old ferris wheel. I want to ride it!

She can fly. Okay, not really.

A pretty bridge in the park.

I taught Jennifer and Marlen the correct way to high-five. You have to look at the person's elbow, of course!

This was my face when I learned the German word for "cocksucker" (thanks Google!) and first tested out this bit of language. In case you were wondering, it's Schwanzlutscher. ;-)

Pretty, wonderful caffeination from a place called Goodies in Berlin in the form of a peanut butter chocolate latte. Mmmm.

Basically, I'm really excited to move to Berlin in August.

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  1. oh wow. move to berlin! how awesome is that gonna be =)