Friday, November 2, 2012

Berlin Festival of Lights

Now that I'm back in America for a month with limited responsibilities (albeit limited electricity, thanks Sandy!), I can catch up on blog posts! A couple weeks ago a bunch of friends and I went to check out the Berlin Festival of Lights. We took a walk around the center to see a bunch of lit up things and it was pretty! Anyway, the pictures speak for themselves...

We decided anything that was lit up was for the festival of lights. Including this.

We also found this exhibit of lollipop things, which wasn't so much about lollipops as it was Berlin history. The lollipops were markers on a big map of Berlin, which was painted on the ground.

Okay, this was really for the festival of lights.

Found this during our wander.

More lights!

Then Vojtech and I got convinced to buy a touristy light up thing, so we threw that up in the air a lot until it fell apart. I guess we got our 2 euros worth of entertainment with it! Here is Nicole throwing it into the sky!

My favorite thing to do in any city is just to walk around and look at things, and I like lights, so all in all a good combination!

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