Thursday, November 1, 2012

Manhattan Without Lights: Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in Lower Manhattan

Yesterday Brian and I walked over the Manhattan Bridge to get to Lower Manahattan to visit some friends without power. All the subways were down (limited service just opened again today) and all public transportation, mostly buses at this point, is currently free. It was kind of crazy, as everything was closed and dark. Here's some pictures of our journey.

The line for the Fung Wah bus in China Town o get out of the city. This whole area is without any power. No elevators, sometimes no water, nothing.

 Bank is closed today.

Even though all the shops were closed, a few decided to start little take-out stands out front to offer food to passers-by. A bit of the entrepreneurial spirit to go around...


Make sure you follow on Facebook! Hah.

 No gas.

 Only SOME snacks...!

Watch out Dane, we need to talk about yesterday...

 Midtown has power, notice how everything close is dark, with the lit up buildings in the background.

The 3 lights are someone with a generator.

Normally all those windows would be lit up. If it wasn't cloudy, it'd be a good time to look at the stars in Manhattan.

 The Divide: To the right is lit up, to the left, Lower Manhattan is dark.

Once you get to the Brooklyn side of the bridge, the lights miraculously start working again. Notice the rapid change in lighting. Crazy.

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