Friday, March 5, 2010

Couchsurfing in Toulouse

I ended up leaving the Chateau in Lautrec a few days earlier than planned to couchsurf in Toulouse for the weekend. It was the only day Liz's friends could drive me to the Vielmur sur Agout train station and there wasn't much work for me to do anyway, so off I went! I'm very good at straying from my itinerary. Thus, a few days before I arrived a post was made to the Toulouse Emergency Couch group and that's how Thibault came to be my host! After hoisting my over-sized suitcase up to the flat he shares with his two friends, also students, he took me on a tour of the city. The picture above is of Place du Capitole, the main town square.

The sky looked really cool.

Thibault took me to a really cool and quaint tea place with old school decor. I then proceeded to get delicious rose tea and spill a large portion of it all over the table, but it's okay because...

I invoked the powers of camouflage with my green cardigan against the green wall. The white cup may have given it away, though.

Thibault had better tea etiquette than me.

He also had mice! I decided they were my new friends even if they were just snake food.

We drank a lot of wine at their flat with his friends, during which point I quizzed them on French curse words and music. Just in case you were wondering, if you want to piss off a French person you can tell them "Va niquer ta mère!" (Go fuck your mother), "Enculé" (Asshole), "Batard" (Bastard), "Salope" (Bitch), "Pute" (Whore), "Espèce de comnard de mes couilles" (I was told this meant something like 'asshole from my bollocks", okay!) or "Sac à merde" (shit-bag).

I'm not sure why they had these giant face cut-outs of this famous French rapper, but they did!

I went for a walk by myself on Sunday because it was so sunny and wonderful out . I found the water and it was pretty! Unfortunately, everything in existence was closed. I hate Sunday, but I liked Toulouse! Once again, couchsurfing did not let me down! I mean, how else would I ended up in the flat of some French boys who listen to awesome music and also program in Processing? Small world.

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