Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lautrec, Part II: Welcome to the Country.

The closest town to Chateau Brametourte was Lautrec, which was an hour walk away. One weekend Tom, Danel and I decided to venture out in search of some bread and a self-guided tour of the area.

It was really windy.

When we got there, we climbed a big hill to see the famous Moulin (windmill)!

The view from the top. Look at those clouds looming.

Lautrec is pretty old. Look at those medieval walls.

I don't know where ANY of those places are. Welcome to the middle of nowhere, kids.

View of Lautrec behind me when the wind isn't actively attacking my face, for once.

It translates to "one of the most beautiful villages in France" or something like that. I was excited. I think we walked 309438490 kilometers that day.

Town. No...really. The main shopping strip left a bit to be desired if you wanted variety and even less if you wanted your variety to be open, but it was pretty!

On the way home, there was some weird sun/stormy cloud combination happening.

The road leading from the Chateau. Small.

I braved the hour walk into town by myself my last day to get wine for the people who offered to drive me to the train station and cigarettes for Liz. On my way home I saw the BIGGEST CATERPILLAR EVER! But it really turned out to be many caterpillars traveling in a ducks! Did you know that caterpillars do that? Me either. I definitely spent at least 5 minutes staring at these caterpillars like a freak and took about 10 pictures. Anyone watching probably just assumed I was observing the pavement for an inordinate amount of time and must have thought I had at least one screw loose. Oh well. Nature is CRAZY.

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