Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ich habe es geschafft!

I'd been meaning to see the "real" touristy things since my first trip to Berlin. As this is my third trip back in less than two months, it was about fucking time. Don't ask why I've been here three times, it's a long story. But I'll probably be making this my "hood" in August. Or should I say my "kiez"? Even more, I did it by bike! In a city! And I didn't die! Having grown up in the suburbs, only biking in my neighborhood with big, wide streets and occasionally in the woods (where I tried to go over a jump and ended up head first over the handlebars, oops) I don't really know anything about right of way for bikes and what to do when a stop light happens, so this was actually rather impressive. Amy picked a good day, so win all around.

Alexanderplatz and I'm not sure what I'm doing!

Amy documenting her new bike's trek through Berlin. Right before I took this some really creepy dude OPENLY stared at her and her bike for like 3 solid minutes. We weren't sure if he was waiting for an opportunity to steal it, or was a little bit wrong in the head, but it was WEIRD.

Berlin Cathedral (on the left)? I think. I saw all the important places, but I didn't promise I'd remember what they were.

Brandenburger Gate. The internet says, "It was originally part of a wall surrounding Berlin and was the main entrance to the city. It is the only gate that remains of this former city wall."

Helpin' Germany out by holding its flag in place, clearly.

Holocaust Memorial. Basically, this is a set of some 2,711 gray stone stabs with no markings or dates in different shapes or sizes that you can walk through. The architect, Peter Eisenman, designed it to evoke a feeling of groundlessness, instability and disorientation as your're walking through it. I think he succeeded. It's sort of interesting, as although there are often tons of people also walking around in there, you still feel like you're all alone.

Same as above, but from the top!

Unrelated, but I feel like this describes my life perfectly right now. The world at my fingertips, and all I want are some chips.

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