Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pivo a knížky (Beer and books)

I made it through my first week somehow! I even managed to do well with my 45 minute lesson, the main criticisms that Terry had for me were to stop saying "You guys" and to make my explainations more direct and simple. Something I need to work on in general, as I always seem to find the longest way to explain something. If any of you have heard my stories, you know this is true. Heh. Tomorrow I have my first one-to-one on hour long English lesson with a woman mamed Mila. I'm preparing for it now and I must say I'm a bit nervous! I'll have three sessions with her and then I have to write a 13 or so page paper about the experience.

Anyway, last night it was one of my fellow TEFLers birthdays so we went to her effing gorgeous flat in Letna to drink copious amounts of wine and hangout. I guess we were too loud in the balcony because at one point the people above us just started POURING water over the balcony above to try to get us to shut up. As we were drunk, it took us awhile to catch on. We just thought it was raining really sporadically or something. Oops! Later in the night we went to the Letna beer garden in Letna park. I forgot to take pictures (and seem to have maybe forgotten/lost my camera battery charger...fuck) so a Google image of the view from the beer garden must suffice!

So pretty! We met some other TEFL students from another school and befriended them and had a much needed night off from class. It's pretty sweet how just speaking English brings us all together and that it's totally not weird just to start talking to someone here because they speak your language. If my time here brings more nights like last night, then I am very excited to live here!

I managed to finally find hummus in a pretty bangin' middle eastern grocery store in Prague 1 and now I'm sitting in the Globe Cafe, which is an English language bookstore and coffeeshop, trying to stop procrastinating. It's pretty awesome in here (though they don't have soymilk for coffee :-( ) and I'm excited that once I have free time there'll be somewhere to buy books. Apparently the Prague library has an English language section as well? Win. I really should be lesson planning, but ugh. While I love my classes and am learning so much, I can't wait to just have a job, get settled and not be stressed all the time. Three more weeks and 25% done! Hopefully beginning to apply for jobs soon, just trying to sort out my references and whatnot. Ahh!

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