Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The end is in sight? Well, sorta.

More than halfway done! I just need to make it through the rest of this week and next and then maybe I'll have a life again. Today I had to teach my entire class the rules of reported speech in 15 minutes. I was getting graded on it, one of our teachers was there, and after bombing the non-graded one (that we only had 30 minutes to prepare...we were set up!). I almost peed myself, but ended up doing well so that is a HUGE weight off my shoulders. Did I mention it took me like 4-5 hours to prepare for that 15 minutes? I definitely need to get quicker at this grammar thing, but it's hard when I don't even know the grammar myself and have to look it up and learn it. I'm assuming I'll get much quicker over time.

I just had my last meeting with my one-to-one session student, Mila, who is absolutely lovely. I really enjoyed our sessions and prefer the one-to-one's so much more than teaching classes because they're definitely more low-key and you get to know your student(s) a lot better. Today I was trying to teach her the different uses of prepositions of time in/on/at so I printed out all these pictures of places and had her arrange them into categories and gave scenarios and such (The plane stopped AT Prague airport on the way to Australia, We live IN Prague, The mall is ON the way to TEFL Worldwide, etc.) and I think it worked out really well. At least, she was using them almost completely correctly by the end, so yay!

Anyway, what I learned from these sessions is that I definitely need to keep my eye out for jobs that focus more on one-to-ones. I'd really love to work at this place called TeaTime I applied to that has you meet 1-2 teenagers in cafe's for English lessons in order to put them in setting they enjoy (re: learning OUTSIDE of the classroom). I have an interview next week so everyone cross your fingers for me! Teenagers is definitely an age I can do and the premise of the school is just to get kids learning in situations they're comfortable in and I think that's pretty cool.

Now I just have to write a 10 page paper this week/weekend and the worst is over! Going to see an apartment Thursday in Prague 7 with Gina. Gina, Kyle and I were all looking for places so we decided to live together and the place we're looking at this week is effing bangin'. If we get it, I will definitely post pictures here. There's one more aaaaamazing place I e-mailed that I hope gets back to me, also in Prague 7. We'll see how it ends up. Does want sweet ass pad.

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