Sunday, August 2, 2009

Left, but not there quite yet.

I'm currently back in Brighton, England staying with my friends and former flatmates Lisa and Emily. Being back here has been weird, to say the least, but also more normal than much of anything that's happened to me in this past year. It's funny, when I'm here America and my last year there feels like it was all a dream. When I first got back to America after my year in Brighton, I dreamed about Sussex and my friends here, closed my eyes and pictured the familiar bus ride to town and all the nooks and crannies of campus every night, feeling horribly misplaced. Eventually I settled back into life in America and my former life in England felt like a dream. It's funny how familiarity works like that.

In any case, one week left here and I'm leaving again, off to my next adventure in Prague. I have with me a lot of luggage and was in fact charged $70 in overweight fees from Virgin Airlines on my way to the England. I've been aggressively using up contact solution, toothpaste and the vegan white chocolate chips I felt the need to bring along with anything else that has the potential to lighten my load before my next flight. I was about 10 kilos over in my one suitcase, however, so that might be a bit of a challenge! It's hard to move your entire life in just two suitcases! Though, when you think of me having more than 100 pounds of stuff, it begins to sound like I'm just being extravagant. How does clothing get so bloody heavy?

Quite excited to get to Prague and sad to leave here at the same time. As it's the summer, most of my friends aren't in Brighton or are just passing through for Pride, so it's sort of strange being back. I miss the days when we were all at uni together on the Sussex campus! I might even miss that tiny little kitchen in our Park Village flat just a little bit. Speaking of Pride, it was enormous and wonderfully gay. Got mobbed and hugged by the Allsorts kids as they passed us during the parade and then free sandwiches and noms from the tent later.

Saturday I get to Prague, then there's a pub crawl and the next morning a tour of the city. I can't wait to get there, meet everyone and get settled. Even excited for the work that the TEFL course is bound to be. I get to use my brainz again!

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