Friday, September 4, 2009

My second graduation in 4 months!

Whoa. Somehow I graduated from TEFL Worldwide. Passed, though not sure what kind of pass yet as I haven't gotten my certificate/been to the graduation ceremony that's tonight. After my last lesson yesterday though, Terry told me I definitely passed the course. Except for one bad lesson I don't think I was ever really in danger of failing, though, but it's still good to hear!

I think I've worked harder in this month than I have in a long time. Smith College definitely kicked my ass and sent me into more than my fair share of crazy, finals-induced, crying panic attacks, but the thing with that is that my work was spread out over the semester. With the TEFL course, you don't get a chance to breath for the entire month. I literally feel like I just got to Prague a few days ago as I haven't really had time to think or take anything in with the work load. To put it all into perspective, I spent the entirety of last Saturday writing a 12-page paper. There's also the added factor that at Smith you write papers, get graded, do a shit ton of reading and maybe some Powerpoint presentations...but never do they make you stand up in front of people you don't know and TEACH them what you learned. I don't just mean present, I mean get them to create something in front of you that shows they understand. That's the difference. I can write a mean paper, sure, but standing up there and proving I know my shit in front of a group of people is an entirely different art.

Now begins the whole getting a job and legal visa to be here process. And the clock is ticking. Two months and my tourist visa is up. Thus, if I don't sort my shit out in that time deportation could be upon me. Attended the TEFL job fair this morning and got a few good leads to follow up on. Went to another interview this afternoon with a company called TeaTime that sets you up teaching English to teenagers in coffee shops. It seems like a great job and I'm very interested, but they would set me up for a self-employment visa rather than a work visa, which means I'd basically be a freelance English teacher. Not to mention it's only part time, so I'd still have to sort out more hours. I like the idea of freelancing and did a bit of research into the different visas here before I came so I sort of know what it entails, but my logical side chimes in that I should start off with a good ol' fashioned work permit, settle into a specific company and THEN start thinking about the freelancing thing once I have more of an idea of how the English job market functions and am in possession of a document saying I can stay here legally.

I get kicked out of my flat in 2 days, so my other main priority is not being homeless. Hopefully I will sort that out quite soon, but I think I'll be fine and am looking at some places and such. Does want somewhere to live, kthx.

That's the update for now. Lot's of free champagne in my future tonight. Hopefully I'll actually be able to get some touristy updates here soon and more pictures!

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