Monday, September 7, 2009

In Progress.

Stolen pictures from other people, thanks Facebook! This about sums up the graduation ceremony. There were more champagne bottles where those came from. TEFL synonymous with budding alcoholism, what? We deserved every last bit of bubbling wonderfulness after the past month, however. Toni my flatmate left early this morning and a few other people are peacing out. Luckily, the majority of people from my course are sticking around, which is pretty cool. I stay one more night at the Hotel Pivovar and then move into my new flat. Pumped about it. Yay having a place to live!

I sent a billion e-mails inquiring about jobs this weekend, so I really hope some of them will get back to me really soon and I can line up some interviews for this week and partake in employmentz. Mon mons ($) would be favorable. Tonight I think I'm going to a poetry reading/open-mic at the Globe Cafe and I'm quite excited for the change of scenery. The drink, drunk, dance routine was getting a bit predictable for me.
This is sort of how I feel right now:

Oh scramble face...but for realz, this lack of structure is a strange luxury after the past month and some. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. I really want noodles. And coffee. With soymilk. Preferably for less than 80kc. Also, a very large and convenient selection of books in English, I'm way too indecisive for the small collection I brought with me.

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