Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stomping Ground

Still unemployed (working on that!), but I actually have a real place to live now, in a new neighborhood, with a fellow vegan lady from Long Island/Brooklyn (small world). This means pictures, yes?

Kitchen (the wine rack is my favorite part)!

My bed!

The other half of my room!

View from the living room windows

Living room!

My bathroom

New digs are Vršovice (ver-show-veet-say) in Prague 10, on the border of Vinohrady. Took a bit of adjustment at first and an epic taxi ride as I'm not as close to the metro as I was in Vysočany, but I've since learned the tram system and realized I live pretty close to everything. We have a really cute English bookstore/bar/cafe called Shakespeare right down the road and I live walking distance from Žižkov where there's a bar called Bukowski's that has free bottomless sangria for ladies on Tuesdays. Win. There's also a vineyard right down the road and I live 2 tram stops or a 15 minute walk from a Chinese food place with vegan General Tso's chicken. Now all I need is a job and life will be almost perfect. Here's hoping that this week brings employment!

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  1. The apartment looks nice, I really like the view!!