Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Job Shmob.

I have a weird not-cold and am starting to get a bit emo about this whole not having a job thing. I feel like I'm blacklisted. Why doesn't anybody want to hire me? Monies and some type of purpose in my life would be ace.

I'm not really sure what I'll do if I don't find a job before I have to leave the Schengen Zone. All I know is going home is not an option, wherever home is now. Home is a funny concept, isn't it? Because most of the things that've made my various homes, well, home-like, seem to be ephemeral themselves.

I should work on that.

I know what options wouldn't work for me, however. I can't move back to Northampton again until most everyone I know has graduated, lest I end up in one of those nostalic "When I was in college..." comas. Plus, I know Northampton. I love Northampton. It's time for somewhere new. I don't really care to be tied to my past there right now. I should look forward and not back, yes? Moving back to Long Island is not an option, as it only took 5 days last time for me to end up crying in public and convincing myself that everything is wrong in the world, only to find that everything was quite fine again once a safe distance away. I'm not sure how one place makes me so crazy.

Thus, I will show up at schools' doors naked and covered in lesson plans if I have to. Or marry someone. Your guess is as good as mine, then. I still have time.

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