Sunday, September 20, 2009

Quality Week in Praha

It's been a pretty eventful week, I must say. Not only did I attend 4+ job interviews (About 8 total now, I'm apparently interviewing as a profession), I also managed to fit in some other sweet activities. This was seriously the week of free shit and festivals in Prague. Let's start off with this:

Thursday night. Free concert in Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí). I swear the entirety of Prague was in attendance. Not sure the band or even what language the music was in (I'm assuming Czech), but it was pretty quality even if I spent most of the time trying to find everyone I knew who was there. Went out after to have a few drinks with my flatmate and her friends and drunkenly stumbled past these guys and gals on the way to the tram home in the Tesco window...

Friday night it was time for a good shwasting. There was a burčák festival this week going on at both Náměstí Míru and Jiřího z Poděbrad. Burčák means "young wine" and from what I've gathered, about a week or so ago everyone in Prague flocked to the country to pick grapes, which they then fermented to make burčák. It's young as it hasn't been fermented as long as wine generally is and the kicker is that you're never quite sure exactly how much alcohol is in it. It tastes sort of like an acidic grape juice and sometimes it may be closer in alcohol content to actual juice and sometimes not! This is truely my kind of drink, let me tell you. In any case, I popped down to the JZP festival where there was music, food, and lots of overpriced burčák, then to the Náměstí Míru on the way to my friends' flat where there was cheaper beverage. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to check my change and got ripped off by about 150 kc. Oops. I guess I learned my lesson, though. Here's Martin and I in the midst of a game of Kings at U Sudu, tickeling our glasses. This is one of the only pictures I have of the night as I drank almost the entire 1.5 L bottle of burčák. How much alcohol is in that? You know how it goes.
Saturday was pretty chill. Woke up, attended the birthday party of the lovely Tiki in Letná park, who just turned 4 years old. I'm pretty sure I've never used the word cute as much in my life as I did in those few hours. Post-bithday cake nap:

Trying to eat my wafer. Does the birthday girl always get what she wants? Methinks not.
After coming home from the doggie b-day, Andrea (my flatmate) and I were greeted with an impromptu fireworks show almost right next to our flat! I think it's a Czech holiday on Monday? Who knows? Who cares?! It was awesome. View from our window:

Sunday I was planning to mostly be a waste, eventually preparing and printing my lesson for the second round of an interview I have tomorrow (wish me luck!), but then I was told about this big bike festival/critical mass cycle ride right at Náměstí Míru and had to check it out. Sadly, I don't have a bike here so I couldn't participate in the riding part, but I did partake in the wandering, listening and 50kc vegan burritos portion of the afternoon. Here's an image of the Shakespeare stand (an English-language bookstore/cafe/pub down the road from my flat). There were some people reading poetry and a guy playing a pretty mean accordian. Did I mention the fog machine? Yeah.
Afterwards I popped in at a birthday party for my flatmate and her boyfriend's friend at Shakespeare and now it is bed time. Whew. Hopefully by the middle of the week I'll be employed. Emma and Holly are coming Thursday for the weekend from England to visit and I am pretty pumped. My first visitors!

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